If you don't know how to handle a spear you shouldn't talk about swordsmanship. If you don't know how to handle a sword you shouldn't talk about spearsmanship.
Tenshin Shôden Katori Shintôryû meets Hôzôinryû Takadaha Print E-mail

Alster Dojo e.V. in Hamburg, Germany: the Tenshin Shôden Katori Shintôryû, perhaps the oldest style overall (except for kyûdô-schools of course), and the Hôzôinryû Takadaha which ist the oldest style of spear-fencing still existing. Of course the meeting was not antagonistic but had the purpose of learning from each other.


On Saturday, May 31th 2008 two of the oldest bujutsu ryûha of Japan met at the

For this amicable crossover members of the Katori Shintôryû from Hannover and Bremen visited the Hamburg members of the Hôzôinryû who train at the Alster Dojo. Numerous iaidôka of the Alster Dojo participated as well.

At temperatures above 30 degrees Celsius the visitors first gave an interesting if not spectacular demonstration of various techniques of the kenjutsu, iaijutsu, bôjutsu and naginatajutsu of their style. After that, for three hours the hosts of the Alster Dojo had the pleasure to make the acquaintance with a completely different approach to sword-handling while exercising basic drills of kenjutsu and two iaijutsu-katas. Some participants complained of sore muscles even on the following Monday (the ordinary iaidôka obviously does not seem to be an athlete).

Subsequently, selected forms of the curriculum of the Hôzôinryû Takadaha were performed before another 1,5 hours of training were spent with basic spear-drills and the learning of one Hôzôinryû-kata. After that, guests and hosts were equally irritated by completely new motion patterns, which was only fair.

The day which admittedly had been really exhausting ended with a barbecue in the garden of the dôjô before the guests had to return home.

This surely will not have been the last time for a crossover between different schools, may it be in Hamburg, Bremen, Hannover or elsewhere. Likewise the Hamburg sôjutsuka would be glad to establish and maintain contact to further different koryû in the future.

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