Don't consider the spear a thrusting but a striking weapon.
Where to train in Hôzôinryû Takadaha Sôjutsu? Print E-mail

The best of course would be to train in Japan. There are three dôjôs, one in Nara, one in Higashiôsaka and one in Nagoya, where training is held regularly. Addresses, training hours and contact data can be found at the Japanese site of the Hôzôinryu.

adev Outside Japan the only place offering Hôzôinryû Takadaha Sôjutsu training on a regular base is located in Hamburg/Germany:

Alster Dojo e.V.
Veilchenweg 34
22529 Hamburg
Tel. & Fax: 040 - 560 085 95

Training hours:
monday 17:00 - 19:00
thursday 17:00 - 18:00

Everyone interested in Hôzôinryû Sôjutsu is always welcomed to visit the regular training sessions but prior announcement of such a visit either by phone during the Sôjutsu training hours at the dôjô or here would be highly appreciated.

Additionally there is a long spear-weekend once a month, which does not only offer enough time to train the forms of all three levels with various partners, but also to do intensive exercises of basic techniques.

The weekend dates for 2017 are:
25/26 February
25/26 March
08/09 April
06/07 May
10/11 June
15/16 July
19/20 August - The 5th European Kobudo Convention will be held at the Alster Dojo then. Therefore no spear-weekend in August.
In September the annual seminar with Maeda Sensei will take place. Details will follow.
21/22 October
18/19 November
16/17 December

all 14:00 - 18:00 (Sa) and 13:00 - 17:00 (Su) (longer on request)
All other dates for 2016 will follow asap.

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