If you don't know how to handle a spear you shouldn't talk about swordsmanship. If you don't know how to handle a sword you shouldn't talk about spearsmanship.
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Even if sôjutsu belongs to those of the 18 traditional japanese martial arts which are practiced by only very few people the Hôzôinryu is not the only school still in existenc that is specializing on the use of the spear.

Other still existing spear schools are:

  • Saburiryû
  • Ôwari Kanryû
  • Fûdenryû

What the first two schools have in common with the Hôzôinryû is the specialization on a certain type of spear. In case of the Saburiryû this is the kagiyari which is a spear with a very long double-edged blade fitted with a hooked cross-bar at the junction between blade and shaft. The Ôwari Kanryû on the other hand uses a kudayari which is  suyari (simpel or straight spear) that is thrust through a metal tube.

Other than in the case of the Hôzôinryû the curriculum of the Saburiryû still contains forms where the kagiyari is confronting a sword. And the Ôwari Kanryû in addition to its spear forms has sword forms outnumbering the former ones.

For this reason it might be better to describe the schools as spear centered schools instead of calling them pure spear schools. This applies or at least once applied to the Hôzôinryû as well as in former times the use of the kamayari against a wide variety of opposing weapons was taught in this school also even if these forms got lost in the run of centuries.

Beside the spear centered schools there are a couple of other koryû (old schools) that are focussing on the sword or another weapon but teach the spear as well to train a swordsman for example for a confrontation against a spearsman. Usually the spear is only taught to very advanced students in these schools which are (without any claim to completeness):

  • Tatsumiryû
  • Maniwa Nenryû
  • Tenshin Shôden Katori Shintôryû
  • Kashima Shinryû
  • Todaha Bukoryû
  • Yoshinryû
  • Saigôha Daitôryû

In the future Sôjutsu.de would like to inform about the spear of these schools as well and for this reason asks all practitioners of these styles to share their knowledge here.