The spear is something to fear.
Nakayama Hakudô
Historical information on the Hôzôinryû
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Written by Jürgen Seebeck   

The Hôzôinryû as it is still practiced today stands in the tradition of the secular line of the Hôzôinryû Takadaha which is named after its founder Takada Matabê Yoshitsugu. As Hôzôin Kakuzenbô Inei was the founder of the Hôzôinryû he is of course listed as the first generation of the secular line as well.

The monastarial line:

Hôzôin Kakuzenbô Inei

Hôzôin Zeneibô Inshun

Hôzôin Kakushunbô Insei

Hôzôin Kakuzanbô Inpû

Hôzôin Jôshikibô* Inken

The secular line:

Hôzôin Kakuzenbô Inei (founder of the Hôzôinryû)

Nakamura Ichiemon Naomasa (founder of the Nakamuraha)

Takada Matabê Yoshitsugu (founder of the Takadaha)

Takada Matabê Yoshimichi

Takada Yoshitoshi

Takada Michiakira*

Takada Yoshitaka

Takada Matabê Yoshitora

Takada Matabê Yoshichika

Takada Magoichi Yoshitake

A certain Endô

Yamazato Tadahiro

Sasaki Yasuzô

Waku Kinzô

Ishida Kazuto

Nishikawa Gennai

Kagita Chûbê

Ichiya Junzô 

* Reading of the name is uncertain.

The history of Hôzôinryû Takadaha Sôjutsu Print E-mail
Written by Jürgen Seebeck   

Hôzôin Kakuzenbô Inei
As in most koryû (old schools) the line of head masters from the current sôke Kagita Chûbê back to Hôzôin Kakuzenbô Inei who founded the school is well documented.

About the life and doings of the founder of the school on the other hand only relatively litte is known for sure. And the little information that you can find often is contradictory or belongs to the realm of legends.